CFL is a community of students and adults interested in learning about ourselves and our relationship with the world. This learning involves not only academics and other life skills, but also a deeper exploration about our emotions and thought processes and the way we respond to the challenges of life. For many of us, the philosophy of J Krishnamurti has played a significant role in our educational vision.


“Surely, education has no meaning unless it helps you understand the vast expanse of life with all its subtleties, its extraordinary beauty, its sorrows and joys. “
- J. Krishnamurti

The starting point of our educational thinking is that there is a crisis in human society at personal and social levels. Human needs and desires have created the social structures we live in today, and any examination of these structures or any attempt to change them must at least begin with an examination of our personal, “subjective” emotional patterns.
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CFL is a cooperative endeavour. Parents and students are not passive consumers but partners in the process of education and in the inquiry and exploration that is central to the activity of the school.

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