A Day at CFL

A Day at CFL

Students and teachers live together in small hostels, in a relaxed and informal ambience.

The day begins early, by 7 am, with exercise or with a close engagement with the natural world: bird-watching, observation and quiet nature walks. The kitchen comes to life earlier, with staff, students and parent volunteers working to get breakfast ready by 8 am. During community work (after breakfast), the hostels and learning spaces are cleaned, garbage is taken out, the land is tended, and vegetables are chopped for lunch. Everyone, young and old, is part of this process.

The assembly that follows is the time for singing or for presentations. It is the time when the entire community comes together in these activities or in sitting quietly for a few minutes.

Classes begin after assembly. The day is a mix of activities inside and outside the classroom, from math and language to pottery, art, woodcraft and land work. The kitchen, meanwhile, continues to hum with activity right through the day, with children, parent volunteers and teachers working to get lunch ready (cooking here has always been a community activity). The food in CFL is vegetarian and varied.

Late afternoons are a time for games, exercise and boisterous activity. Dinner marks the beginning of a quiet period of study. All is quiet (well, nearly!) by 10.30 pm.