Why CFL needs support

It is only possible to provide quality education when society at large supports educational endeavours. It is rarely possible for families to completely finance their children’s education if we take all costs into account. Worldwide, all non-commercial educational institutions receive external support for capital expenditure and for offering scholarships.

CFL seeks financial support in two areas:

(i) to meet the annual shortfall,

(ii) to augment our corpus so that –

– We can continue to offer scholarships to families seeking this education without their worrying about affordability,
– We can cover the costs of new infrastructure, and
– We can take care of unforeseen emergencies in the future.

We would like to invite donations in two categories. Donors could make a one-time contribution (every rupee counts so all donations big or small are welcome) or join our micro-charity programme.

The idea of the micro-charity programme is to have a large number of friends willing to commit a small donation every year for a period of, say, five years. For the current academic year, we anticipate that we need to raise a sum of Rs 20 lakhs (approx US $ 28,700) to help meet our needs. If we have 400 “Friends of CFL” each donating a sum of Rs 5,000 (approx US $70), we can cover our deficit for the year.

Centre For Learning is a charitable society registered under applicable laws in India. Donations to the society are exempt from Income Tax to the extent provided for under Section 80 g of the Income Tax Act, 1961.