Why CFL needs support

It is only possible to provide quality education when society at large supports educational endeavours. It is rarely possible for families to completely finance their children’s education if we take all costs into account. Worldwide, all non-commercial educational institutions receive external support for capital expenditure and for offering scholarships.

CFL seeks financial support in two areas:

(i) to meet the annual shortfall,

(ii) to augment our corpus so that –

– We can continue to offer scholarships to families seeking this education without their worrying about affordability,
– We can cover the costs of new infrastructure, and
– We can take care of unforeseen emergencies in the future.

We would like to invite donations in two categories. Donors could make a one-time contribution (every rupee counts so all donations big or small are welcome) or join our micro-charity programme.

The idea of the micro-charity programme is to have a large number of friends willing to commit a small donation every year for a period of, say, five years. For the current academic year, we anticipate that we need to raise a sum of Rs 20 lakhs (approx US $ 28,700) to help meet our needs. If we have 400 “Friends of CFL” each donating a sum of Rs 5,000 (approx US $70), we can cover our deficit for the year.

Centre For Learning is a charitable society registered under applicable laws in India. Donations to the society are exempt from Income Tax to the extent provided for under Section 80 g of the Income Tax Act, 1961.

A film about CFL

This film was made between 2020 and 2023 by Manush John, a former student of CFL. It offers a glimpse into the life and philosophy of the school.

Responses from some of our donors

CFL is one of those very few institutions that practices what it believes and preaches. School education, which is at the centre of human development, receives utmost importance and care here. Observance of the ‘self’ in relationship with everything living on this planet is the most significant tenet of it. Such education needs all the support society can give for a better tomorrow.

Parimal Chaudhari
Managing Trustee, Praj Industries Ltd, Pune

I support CFL because it gives me hope for the sort of future I want to see. How? By creating and moulding authentic, thinking sons and daughters of the future, young people who are intelligent and kind and true, who know courage and integrity, are ethical and resilient, capable of thinking deeply, independently and critically, who believe in giving back, in community, in the larger picture and the greater good. In short, CFL provides both the fertile ground as well as the gardeners who are capable of creating and tending to the sort of tree of life that sustains life itself. I wish there were more such Centres for Learning with the sort of dedicated teachers I see at the Varadenahalli campus.

Jyoti Pande Lavakare

We support CFL because we believe in CFL’s philosophy of education and the process of holistic learning that it encourages and facilitates. We think it is important to support such initiatives because we believe that a deep holistic learning such as that followed by CFL is important to navigate and understand the complex inter-connected world that we live in.

Ajay Lavakare

Jyoti and Ajay live in New Delhi with their pandemic beagle. Ajay is an ex-entrepreneur and now invests in and mentors start-ups. Jyoti is a journalist, author of “Breathing Here is Injurious to Your Health,” co-founder of non-profit Care for Air.

I’m personally very interested in education and I believe in the love of learning. I have been associated with some of the teachers of CFL, and have had the pleasure of interacting with your students as well. I’m a huge supporter of CFL, not simply because of the amazing educational qualifications of the teachers, but their holistic methods that focus on cultivating this love of learning in their students through very strong student-teacher relationships. Invariably, CFL’s methods result in emotionally strong and intellectually curious students. Apart from making this their mission statement, the teachers of CFL are dedicated to gearing their activities towards fulfilling this mission statement. I wish the teachers and students of CFL the best, and may their tribe increase.

Arvind Hariharan
Executive Director at NextEra Energy Resources, in Florida in the US