Working at CFL

At CFL, we feel that education is the key to the regeneration of self and society.

Working at CFL is somewhat different from working in other organizations. We are a flat structure. We do not have a principal or headmaster, or a managing committee that tells us how to run the school. Through a process of dialogue and consensus, teachers work together on an equal footing to manage the school across various dimensions: pedagogical, administrative and financial. Thus, the teachers are responsible for all aspects of the school.

CFL is a semi-residential school. The teacher community is largely based on the campus, and we consider it our home. While each adult at CFL has a few core areas of competence, we all perform a variety of tasks during the day. Our daily work includes teaching, hostel care, kitchen work, land work, outdoor activities and administrative work.

Most importantly, it is our ability, both collective and individual, to look at our own patterns of thought, emotion and behaviour and to learn from each other that makes the daily running of the school possible.

We have decided to temporarily freeze hiring. Please check this webpage for updates; the next update is likely to be towards end of April 2025.