Terms of Use and Privacy Policy

1. The domain name www.cfl.in is licensed for use by Centre for Learning, registered under the Societies Registration Act XX1 of 1860.

2. The purpose of the website is to share information about the school and to connect with people who may be interested in applying as staff, or in supporting the school in any way. The website also contains information for well-wishers to transfer funds online.

3. The school, through the website, will collect personal information like name, email address, PAN number and mobile number from donors for the purposes of tracking the collected funds and sending acknowledgements. This information is being shared voluntarily by the donors with the school. This information will not be shared by the school with any other entity or used for any other purpose.

4. The services of a third party payment gateway may be used for collecting funds online. All credit/debit card or other bank account related information will be entered on your own banking interface, facilitated by the payment gateway provider for the purpose of processing the financial transaction.

5. The school does not collect any credit/debit card information or other bank account related information on its own website.

6. The school does not charge any fee for making an online contribution on the website.

7. There is no provision for refunding any of the contributions to the donors once the financial transaction has been completed. However, the school retains the right to refund any contribution that is not accompanied by valid PAN details of the donor.

8. The school will fully cooperate with the payment gateway provider to resolve any chargeback related customer disputes arising out of fraudulent or unintended transactions.

9. The school only accepts online payments in Indian rupees made within India via the payment gateway. If you are a donor from outside India, you can donate by a wire transfer. Please send us an email to info@cfl.in with “Wire Transfer Details: Foreign Donor” in the subject box and we will get back to you.