Process of Recruitment

At CFL, we feel that education is the key to the regeneration of self and society.

Working at CFL is somewhat different from working in other organizations.

We are a flat structure. We do not have a principal or headmaster, or a managing committee that tells us how to run the school. Through a process of dialogue and consensus, teachers work together on an equal footing to manage the school across various dimensions: pedagogical, administrative and financial. Thus, the teachers of the school are responsible for all its various aspects.

While each adult at CFL has a core competency, we all perform various kinds of tasks during the day, including teaching, hostel care, kitchen work, outdoor activities and administrative work. We look for an ability to “multi-task” in adults who apply to CFL.

Most importantly, it is our ability, both collective and individual, to look at our own patterns of thought, emotion and behaviour and to learn from each other that makes the daily running of the school possible.

We invite applications from individuals excited by living on a campus in a rural setting. If you are interested in working at CFL, please write to us at with the text “Teacher Application” in the subject box. In your letter please address the following four points:

  •  The central thrust of our life together in CFL are broad questions regarding our daily lives and how we function on the one hand, and our responsible relationship to society on the other. Please tell us what excites you or troubles/challenges you, both at a personal and at a broader level. In addition, please send us a CV.
  • Please send us a brief write-up about your personal situation in life. It would help us to understand your potential involvement in our residential campus, something that we find increasingly important to the running of the school. For instance, do you have family or health concerns that might require your presence in Bangalore or elsewhere? Also, due to the small size of our community, we are unable to accommodate adults on campus who do not work in CFL. Thus any relevant information you can give us will help clarify our picture.
  • Please specify the areas in which you would like to contribute (administrative tasks, specific subjects). If you have a preference, please also indicate the age group with which you might be comfortable working.
  • Below are the links to three readings. We would appreciate it if you could read these and share your questions and thoughts on any one of them (250 to 300 words).

Letters to Schools Volume One 15th November, 1978

Letters to Schools Volume One 15th December, 1978

Letters to Schools Volume One 15th November, 1979

After we receive your letter, if your application is carried into the next step of our teacher search process, you will be invited for a week’s stay to see the working of the school and to meet with the teachers. We can then take the process forward from there.