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Support us

How Can I Help CFL?

It is only possible to provide quality education when society at large supports educational endeavours. It is rarely possible for families to completely finance (taking into account all costs) their children’s education. Worldwide, all non-commercial educational institutions receive external support for capital expenditure and to offer scholarships.

Over the last 20 years, CFL has become recognized as a creative experiment in alternative education.  Many of the features of CFL—its small size, innovative methods in the classroom, its emphasis on collective responsibility and a focus on larger issues of life—have been noted and appreciated in educational circles. Our work in education has been possible and meaningful thanks to the goodwill of a global community of friends. We are grateful to all our friends around the world who have supported us so willingly over the years with money, time, books, equipment and encouragement.

We would like to consolidate our ‘micro-charity’ programme. The idea is to have a large number of friends willing to commit a small donation every year for a period of, say, five years. Our target is to raise around Rs 20 lakh every year. For example, we could accomplish this by finding 400 donors willing to give us Rs 5000 ($100) a year. Of course, a one-time donation is most welcome as well.


Thank you for your support. For various tax reasons, there are different procedures for making donations from different countries. Please click the appropriate link below: