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A brief description of me on the Pratham blog referred to me as an occasional blogger. Well! I have to do something about that. So here goes and if you are bored, so be it.

For a year and a half now I have been on a sub-committee of the Karnataka Knowledge Commission. Before you drop off, I’ll cut to the chase and say that in a recent initiative, 225 high schools in the state, mainly in the rural areas were to be given an initial collection of books, a user-friendly manual and the teacher/librarians would attend a workshop to brainstorm together how to bring about an active, open library in their schools.(This event is happening day after tomorrow. Wish us luuck!) So we first sent off a request to a few authors, NGOs working with schoolchildren, teachers and librarians to send us their recommended list.Having gathered this list, the job of sifting through these lists and making a selection fell on the worthy shoulders of Leela Garady, a former teacher at CFL and a children’s author. Along with Prakash Kamath, an NGO who had helped set up the Teacher’s Resource Centre at Chamarajanagar, she painstakingly put together a laudable list of books in Kannada. Meanwhile with inputs from Kavery Nambisan and other children’s writers, publishers and our own collection at CFL, I put down a list of books in English. Both languages had some reference books too. Apart from this we included some A/V material too. The next task was to write a really supportive, user-friendly and hands-on manual. Elsewhere here on this blog is a copy for you to read and judge. This was then translated brilliantly into Kannada by Leela Garady and is coming out (fingers and toes crossed) tomorrow!!

So thats it for now,
Usha Mukunda.