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In response to “A Library In The Mountains”

Thanks for the article. It was a coincidence that we came across it and we enjoyed reading it. It also reminded us of the time a couple of years ago. We were working at a boarding school in Dehradun. Mrs Sukumar had just taken over the primary section of the school and had introduced some great ideas to encourage children (and teachers) to cultivate reading habits.

The First step was acquiring a large number of new books for the school, the teachers as well as the children got involved in selection, cataloging and arranging the books on shelves.

Next, a program DEAR (an acronym – “Drop Everything And Read”) was initiated. The first school (period) was set aside for DEAR. During this DEARtime, the entire primary school, which included children as well as teachers, were reading books.

It was a wonderful experience for all of us. The entire school was reading. Most of the kids gradually got hooked to reading.

Reading your Open Library Blog, was a nostalgic experience for us. Thank you for sharing it on the Net.

Seema & Sameer