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Some responses for a Patara workshop

Patara was a pleasantly refreshing experience. The activities are unique, simple, un-fussy and basic. Like the book jacket they made them this year. It is a novel idea and one which can actually inspire children to read more. My daughter and I have decided to make a jacket for every book we read, and on completing the book we will write the blurb for each. This way we will be able to keep track of the number of books we read and can start building up on the children’s library we plan to set up (far in the future). Last year Patara took the children bird watching, to Sankey Tank, which I thought was wonderful, because it was not a long fussy excursion to some far off bird sanctuary, and yet the children internalized it that way! Wonderful!

The people running Patara are a team which is truly passionate about reading and for ‘real’. Their resource people are interesting and unusual!. At the risk of sounding a snob, I have very high standards for childrens’ workshops, as I am a teacher of children myself and unfortunately very few worshops in the city have ever reached up to my standards. I honestly never sent them for the “summer camps” because I never felt the camps could offer them more than what I could at home with stories and art and craft. Also most camps are commercial ventures which I personally feel take away from the spirit of child-classes.

Patara totally reached up to the highest standard both in content and in attitude of the core team.

My only suggestion and wish is that Patara would conduct their sessions somewhere closer to where I live! Nonethless the journey to Malleshwaram is worth it!

Thanks for being unique.

Shanta Srinivasan

“I loved Patara, last year I enjoyed the bird watching. I also enjoyed meeting a real authoress Mrs. Shanta Rameshwar Rao. I enjoyed the puppets because I had never made puppets like those before. The aunties are very sweet and kind. I would love to keep having Patara every week.


Sharanya Srinivasan (age 8.5yrs)