Getting to CFL

CFL is located in Varadenahalli village, off Magadi Road. The school is around 40 km west of Bangalore and around 10 km short of Magadi town. Once you reach Varadenahalli Hand Post on Magadi Road (after a milestone that reads 12km Magadi when coming from Bangalore), there are signs directing you to the campus. Anybody from the village will be able to direct you as well. Please see the map for directions.

Please do call us well in advance if you wish to visit. Day visits are not easy to arrange at short notice. Guest accommodation is in short supply as we have many visitors over the year. We will be unable to have visitors come in the months of June, November and March.


The noisy and crowded Kalasipalayam bus station in the city has buses leaving for Magadi every fifteen minutes. You can also board both private and KSRTC (government) buses at Vijayanagar Tollgate (landmark: near Prasanna Talkies) every half an hour or so. The journey takes about ninety minutes and will set you back by only about thirty rupees. Please make sure that the bus you catch does stop at Varadenahalli Hand Post, and that you do manage to get down! The school is about a kilometre from the village bus stop.

Magadi is a farmers’ town. Do not be surprised if you share your journey with baskets of farm produce, chickens and the odd goat. On Monday mornings the buses could be so crowded that many travel on the roof. The less intrepid can choose other modes of transport!


You can hire a cab for about Rs 1500 and reach the campus in relative comfort.

If you are coming from the south of Bangalore, get to Mysore Road. Magadi Road can be reached from Mysore Road via either of the following connecting routes:

(i) Raja Rajeshwari Arch→ Bangalore University→Nagarbhavi → Magadi Road

(ii) Kengeri→ NICE Road (Toll) → Magadi Road

(iii) Kengeri→ Big Banyan Tree Road (Landmark: Raja Rajeshwari Dental College on Mysore Road)→ Chandrappa Circle→Magadi Road

If you are coming from the north of the city, you can get to Magadi Road by using any one of the following connecting routes:

(i) Tumkur Road→ NICE Road (Toll)→Magadi Road

(ii) Tumkur Road→ Outer Ring Road (towards Mysore)→Magadi Road

(iii) West of Chord Road→Magadi Road

If you are coming from the east of Bangalore, you can choose either of the above routes, depending on traffic.

Click here to download a CFL Roadmap