CFL’s Approach to Admissions

CFL is a cooperative endeavour. Parents and students are not passive consumers but partners in the process of education and in the inquiry and exploration that is central to the activity of the school.

We attempt to communicate why the school exists and to articulate the educational philosophy of the school as clearly as possible. We invite parents to question us and share their views. We hope this process will clarify to parents and the school whether a CFL education is right for a child.

As we are a small school we can only offer spaces to very few children each year. The ability to pay full fees is not a criterion for admission. We would like to support parents who are serious about a different kind of education.

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For the academic year 2018-19, we are open for admissions for children whose dates of birth fall in the following range:

June 1 2008 to May 31 2010

We regret that we are unable to consider applications in any other age group.

If your child’s date of birth falls in the above range and you are a resident of Bangalore, please write to, with the date of birth stated clearly. We will then take you through the process of application.